Nash Magazine is a hypothetical bi-monthly magazine showcasing Nashville's inspiring professionals,
the hottest spots in town, and trends that are uniquely Nashville. The premise of this project, to create a magazine, encompasses formulation of initial concept,  production of one full issue, and design of subsequent covers. The project includes implementation of type-fitting departmentals.

1    Three covers
Showcase the format and how it may be used. The masthead uses an edited version of Geared Slab.
2    Interior masthead
With text pulled from Dwell Magazine.
3    Departmental Table of Contents
4    Subscription Card.
5    Departmental–Editor's Letter.
6    Departmental–Uniquely Nashville (Two Pages–Touring & Brunching).
7    Departmental–Faces of Nashville (Three pages).

 I claim no rights to the images used within this publication. All are used as part of a student project.