Fully Oaked Vineyards is a fictional vineyard created for my senior design thesis. The website and phone app are created to be sleek, simple, and easy to use. The main focus is to further educate visitors on the vineyard while providing an easy way to order and comment on Fully Oaked wines. 

1    Website Homepage
2    Winemaker Pages
Introduce individual winemakers on the Fully Oaked team.
3    Vintage Pages
Describe individual wines and provide an option to order a specific wine directly.
4    Details of Vintage Pages
Provide more detailed information about each wine and are accessed by scrolling down.
5    Phone app home page, wine home page, and label view
Allow the user to flip through current wine selection and immediately place an order.
6    Phone app supplemental pages
Allow the user to delve deeper into the specifics of each wine without visiting the website.

Fully Oaked photography by the great and talented Mary Beth Manifold.